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Lafayette Adversary Proceeding Lawyers

Sometimes individuals or businesses file lawsuits to enforce their rights during a bankruptcy case.  These suits are brought in the bankruptcy courts and are referred to as adversary process lawsuits. Adversary proceedings are run much like civil lawsuits.

An adversary proceeding may be essential in ensuring you get a fair deal in your bankruptcy case. If you or someone you know needs to file an adversary process lawsuit, contact the Lafayette adversary proceeding lawyers of the Law Office of Adam G. Young, PLC, today at 337-261-8800.

Types of Adversary Proceedings

Generally, there are three main types of adversary proceedings. What differs between them is either the party being sued or the person filing the lawsuit. The most common types of adversary proceedings are:

  • Bankruptcy trustees suing third parties to bring additional assets into the estate
  • Bankruptcy trustees suing anyone the debtor had cause of action against before the filing
  • Creditors suing debtors to object the discharge of debts owed to them

Adversary bankruptcy cases are federal lawsuits, so the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure apply. These cases can involve extensive discovery, depositions, and trials. Individuals involved in adversary proceeding should be represented by experienced Lafayette adversary proceeding attorneys.

How the Law Office of Adam G. Young Can Help

When you face an adversary proceeding or need to file one against another party, an experienced attorney can help you:

  • Abide by federal regulations
  • Build and fight your case
  • Better understand your legal rights and options

For more information about how a Lafayette adversary proceeding lawyer can help you, contact the Law Office of Adam G. Young today.

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The Lafayette bankruptcy lawyers of the Law Office of Adam G. Young, PLC, are experienced in handling various and complex adversary bankruptcy cases and are ready to help you. For more information, please contact us at 337-261-8800 today.