Road to Recovery';

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

All too often, financial problems occur gradually, mounting slowly over time. Debt is usually manageable at first, but as interest accrues and payments increase, it is easy to continue to fool yourself into believing that you are closer to being stable than you actually are.

It is often hard for a person to face a very simple fact: If the number of creditors knocking at your door is rising, but your net income is not growing, the end of your financial trouble may be nowhere in sight. It is difficult, but evaluating your financial situation honestly is one of the most important and beneficial things you can do.

You must take control of your finances now, and bankruptcy may be the best way for you to do so. The only way to know for certain if filing for bankruptcy can improve your situation is to call Somerset bankruptcy lawyer Francisco G. Harrison, PLC, at 337-261-8800 today.

Signs of Financial Crisis

Evaluating your financial situation honestly is difficult, but if one or more of the following troubles plague you, bankruptcy might be able to alleviate your situation:

  • Your personal or business debt is not terminable at your current income rate
  • You are unable to make payments on time
  • Your payments are deferred or insufficient
  • You cannot afford your cost of living as a result

Filling for bankruptcy can give you the chance to work out a repayment schedule that makes your life livable.

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If you believe that your financial situation could improve by filing for bankruptcy, you should discuss your options with Somerset bankruptcy attorney Francisco G. Harrison, PLC. Call 337-261-8800 now to schedule a consultation.