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Somerset Debt Negotiation Attorneys

Individuals who are facing serious financial struggles may not realize that they may be able to negotiate with their creditors to obtain a favorable repayment schedule, waive fines and fees, and take advantage of other beneficial options.

Debt negotiation may not be for everyone, but for those who qualify, debt negotiation may have great benefits. To learn more about debt negotiation and how it may help you resolve your financial struggles, contact Somerset debt negotiation attorney Francisco G. Harrison, PLC, at 337-261-8800.

What Is Debt Negotiation?

Debt negotiation involves negotiating the terms of your repayment with your creditors. More simply, it is the act of negotiating a more favorable repayment option, which may mean repaying a portion of you debt as opposed to the full debt plus interest.
Some other features attainable through debt negotiation may be:

By negotiating with a creditor, you may be able to reduce your debts to a manageable sum. When pursuing this option, it is important to remember that discharged debts may be considered income and, as such, may be taxable.

How We Can Help

Since debt negotiation requires speaking directly with creditors and negotiating more favorable terms for repayment, having an experienced lawyer on your side can make a great difference. Somerset debt negotiation lawyer Francisco G. Harrison, PLC, can help you:

  • Understand debt negotiation
  • Learn your legal rights
  • Speak with creditors
  • Negotiate repayment terms

Unlike debt settlement firms, a debt settlement lawyer will fight for the most favorable settlement for you. Contact a Somerset debt negotiation lawyer today to get started.

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Debt negotiation may be a better option than bankruptcy for some people. If you have mounting debts and want to avoid bankruptcy, contact Somerset debt negotiation attorney Francisco G. Harrison, PLC, at 337-261-8800 today to learn more about debt negotiation.